USDC ecosystem grows – new chains in plans and stronger connections with Coinbase

USDC ecosystem grows
Coinbase & Circle partnership

USDC continues to push boundaries when it comes to stablecoins adoption in the real world.

Circle, the company behind it, along with Coinbase, announced on August 21st new chapters for its ecosystem development.

  • Center, the self-governance company for USDC will cease to exist. Circle will remain the main issuer for this stablecoin, and will decide on the governance moving forward.
  • USDC will be launched on 6 new blockchains, coming September and October 2023.
  • Coinbase is taking an equity stake in Circle.

More details can be found here.

What do you think of USDC? Will these changes bring dominance over USDT? How will stablecoins develop further?

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