Trust vs MetaMask: Battle of the Wallets

Trust wallet vs MetaMask - which one is better?
Trust wallet vs MetaMask - which one is better?

Trust wallet vs MetaMask… You might be wondering which crypto wallet is better. There are different options, of course, however, these two are the most popular. Therefore, this article will help you choose the perfect wallet for your crypto portfolio.

As many people hold cryptocurrencies and use decentralized applications, it is important to know that there are quite easy ways to store assets and use them in some DeFi services such as trading or lending. And the most important part, anyone can take part in this ecosystem regardless of location, social status, etc.

Trust wallet vs MetaMask: Difference?

Choosing the right cryptocurrency wallet is important to ensure the safety and availability of your digital assets.

Mobile wallets like Trust Wallet and MetaMask are designed for convenience, ease of use, and quick access to your crypto. Both are available on the iOS and Android platforms and offer users an impressive user interface. In addition, both are also available as extensions for browsers.

These two options are two leading digital wallets for buying, storing, sending, and receiving NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrencies. Both have features that allow users to easily access crypto assets.

Check out the guide below for detailed information on the comparison between these popular wallets.


Trust wallet

Trust wallet

Trust wallet, without a shred of doubt, is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets out there. It is a decentralized platform that supports more than 150,000 tokens and has over 10 million active users. It was founded by Viktor Radchenko in 2017 and since then it has been functioning as a non-custodial crypto wallet.

It has been approved for use on the Binance Smart Chain after this exchange acquired the wallet back in 2018. This enables users to have access to Binance services as well as a plethora of additional networks that come with the usage of this exchange. Binance/Trust wallet traders will have access to additional custom networks as well as a slew of new integration and monitoring tools.

Users will be able to construct several wallets and enjoy more exposure to the marvels of the cryptocurrency world as a result of such capabilities. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies that may be moved or stored in transactions with the highest security and safety.

You can avail of the features for free since the platform charges no fee except the required transaction fee, which they use to compensate validators and miners.

Let us go over the main characteristics:

  • Uses: The wallet facilitates the safe storage, transfer as well as receipt of digital assets. With it, not only you can send and receive cryptocurrencies but also get access to many dApps, thanks to the Web3 browser built inside the app. Because Trust wallet accepts both NFTs as well as for cryptocurrencies, we may exchange NFTs for games and other products. NFT games and fun activities can assist users in gaining profit and interest by just doing anything in their leisure time.
  • Binance: As already mentioned, the wallet was acquired by the popular exchange Binance in 2018. This means that along with the features that come with Binance, you also get to have access to additional features such as native DEX, custom networks, and deep integration.
  • Security: There are various safeguards in place to protect customers from any cyber threat. Touch ID, passcodes, face ID, as well as two-factor authentication are used to protect the user’s digital currencies in this wallet. Furthermore, once you create an account on Trust wallet, you get a private key as well as a seed backup.
  • Accessibility: Trust wallet is supported on mobile devices, available for both iOS and Android platforms, and it has a browser extension for desktop computers. The app provides easy accessibility since you do not need to enter any personal details when signing up. Nor do you have to pay any charge.
  • Language: It supports nearly 12 languages. This makes it suitable for a wider range of users.

All in all, Trust wallet happens to be the type of wallet that can effortlessly guide people through the world of cryptocurrencies. With regards to simple accessibility as well as transaction recording, it functions similarly to a debit card.

It is one of the most flexible blockchain networks, providing consumers with simple and safe entry to the domain of decentralized markets.




MetaMask wallet is essentially a cryptocurrency wallet that enables access to different blockchains. It started only with the Ethereum network but over the years users got access to different mainnets and testnets, which makes it all in one solution for a decentralized world. Besides accessing different blockchains, users have access to a myriad of other decentralized applications as well. Since it is also a mobile-based wallet, you can send or receive various tokens at any given time.

Its key vault is one of its prime features in terms of security. It offers good functionality to connect users to their digital assets securely. You can log in to your wallet with the account keys and manage transactions as they come.

Google Chrome and its extension support the MetaMask app. Users’ private keys and a backup phrase are always in place, allowing users to access their digital assets without hindrance. Other popular browsers such as Brave or Mozilla are also supported.

Users can see their transaction history and manage their broadcasted transactions once logged in via their private key. This Ethereum wallet, with its private keys and QR code features, offers security to the likes of the best crypto wallet in the market. Since MetaMask is not confined to the mobile-only app and can be used over our browser extension, it is easier to access it.

Private keys allow users to maintain their private profile and identity, secure from other users. This crypto wallet has a simple user interface that also notifies users of a transaction’s status to reject or accept it accordingly. Users send or receive tokens only when they actively approve via their dApp. The account keys are required to allow the transactions to go forward.

Let us go over the main features of MetaMask:

  • Uses: The wallet facilitates the safe storage, transfer as well as receipt of digital assets. Not only that, but users also get access to many decentralized apps.
  • Accessibility: It is available on both mobile and desktop. Even though the platform has been around since 2016, it wasn’t until 2019 that users could access the mobile application.
  • Security: Its private key is encrypted and stored in the database of MetaMask. Users can export it anytime they wish.  With private keys as well as QR code functionality, this wallet rivals the best cryptocurrency wallets in the industry in terms of security.
  • Custom RPC: Users can leverage and switch between the Ethereum mainnet as well as other major testnets.
  • Language: MetaMask wallet supports nearly 11 languages. This makes it suitable for a wider range of users.

Overall, if you are looking for a safe and easy-to-use crypto wallet, MetaMask should be on your list to try out. It has incredible encryption technology that stores passwords as well as private keys on every user’s device. Besides, its accessibility is a major plus point for several users.


There is no clear answer as to which wallet offers better service. MetaMask and Trust wallet offer different services and features. They support different types of cryptocurrencies and are also supported by different networks. Since these are smart contract wallets on the blockchain, we need to distinguish between them based on our analysis.

Eventually, it comes down to your preferences and needs. If you trade more often, MetaMask would be a better option because it has a browser extension. From a safety perspective, it is also better since users have the option to connect it to hardware wallets such as Ledger. From a user-friendly and ease-of-use perspective, the Trust wallet is a better option, since all of us generally use more our mobile devices in comparison to laptops or PCs.

Let us know which crypto wallet you prefer.