4 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal in 2023

4 Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal in 2023 by echo tele graph

PayPal is a quick and secure method of making payments online, and you can now buy Bitcoin using PayPal with ease. There are several ways to achieve this, including paying using PayPal on a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, purchasing Bitcoin directly through PayPal, or utilising PayPal as a payment option on a cryptocurrency broker or exchange platform.

All of these options have advantages and disadvantages, but using an exchange or broker offers the greatest overall Bitcoin purchasing experience in terms of crucial elements like security, fees, and practical tools and features.

This tutorial will walk you through each technique step by step and help you choose the best one for you if you want to know how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

4 Methods for Purchasing Crypto and Bitcoin Using PayPal

4 Best Ways

  • eToro
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Paxful

1. Use PayPal to Purchase Bitcoin on eToro

A great place to buy Bitcoin using PayPal is on the multi-asset social investment platform eToro. We give it the top rank because of its dependability, simplicity, affordable costs, and cutting-edge and distinctive features.

How to Purchase Bitcoin on eToro Using PayPal

1. Establish a free account.

When a signup form appears, click the “Join Now” button on the page and enter your username, password, and email address. Click “Create Account” after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Make a free account first on etoro

2. Verify your account

Complete your profile by adding further information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone number, and identification evidence by clicking the link provided in the email that was used to verify your email address. Additionally, you will be questioned about your prior investment experience.

Verify your account on etoro

3. Use PayPal to make a payment.

Select your local currency, input the desired deposit amount, then click the “Deposit Funds” button. Click “Continue” after selecting PayPal from the drop-down menu of deposit options. After that, PayPal will redirect you, and you’ll need to sign into your account there to finalize the transaction.

Use PayPal to make a payment on etoro

4. Buy Bitcoin

Search for Bitcoin using the top search bar, then click the “Trade” button. If you wish to pick a future price to purchase BTC at, you can switch to “Order”. Otherwise, simply enter the quantity you wish to buy and press the “Open Trade” button.

Buy Bitcoin on etoro

eToro: Why Use It?

Over the many years that it has been in business, eToro has established a solid reputation. Millions of people trust it because it is a regulated platform, and because of Its storage is designed to be cold, ensuring optimal security in the industry. measures, it is one of the safest locations to purchase Bitcoin.

While the accessible BTC charts and research may be helpful for experienced traders, the site is also ideal for newcomers due to the ease of purchasing Bitcoin. Furthermore, using PayPal, along with various other payment methods, will not result in a deposit fee being assessed.

However, there is a $5 withdrawal fee, and regrettably, not all nations accept PayPal as a deposit method. On purchases of Bitcoin, a spread of 1% is added.

For practice and platform familiarisation if you aren’t If you’re not yet prepared to make a deposit, you can transition to virtual trading.

Additionally, you may utilise eToro’s special CopyTrader function to imitate the moves made by the world’s top Bitcoin traders.

2. Use PayPal to Buy Bitcoin & Crypto on Coinbase

Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether are just a few of the more than 150 cryptocurrencies that can be purchased using Coinbase, a safe online platform. With its straightforward structure, easy navigation, and cheap trade minimums, Coinbase is the best location for beginners to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. It takes pride in being one of the most user-friendly platforms.

How to Purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase Using PayPal

Make a free account first

On the Coinbase website, click the “Get started” button and enter your name, email address, and special password. Click the verification link in the email you received to log in to Coinbase, then input your cell phone number and the verification code you were texted.

Make a free account first on coinbase

2. Verify your identification

Answer a few questions about your profession and investment after entering your name, birthdate, and address exactly as they appear on your government-issued ID. Select your ID type, click “Verify photo ID” under Account Limits in Settings, and then follow the instructions to upload it as a file, with your webcam, or with a mobile device camera.

2. Verify your identification on coinbase

3. Integrate PayPal.com

Click “Add a payment method” under Payment Methods in Settings. When you choose PayPal, you will be taken to PayPal, where you must log in. If you are a US customer, you can now make a deposit using PayPal.

3. Integrate PayPal.com on coinbase

4. Buy Bitcoin

Click “Buy” after finding Bitcoin on Coinbase, or pick Bitcoin by clicking the “Buy / Sell” button up top. Select PayPal as your payment option if you aren’t using funds that have already been deposited. Simply input the desired purchase amount, select “Preview Buy,” and then click “Buy Now.”

4. Buy Bitcoin on coinbase

Coinbase: Why Use It?

If you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency, Coinbase is a fantastic site to utilise. The buttons are organised clearly, and the site is simple to browse. Additionally, you don’t need to risk a lot of money because you can purchase Bitcoin for as little as $2 or £2.

If you wish to automatically buy Bitcoin with PayPal on a regular basis, you may take use of the recurring buys function. The fees are competitive at up to 0.6% + spread.

Unfortunately, at this time, PayPal only allows US consumers to buy Bitcoin and make deposits. PayPal transactions on Coinbase are subject to a 3.99% fee for purchases and a 2.5% cost for deposits. PayPal allows users in the UK and Europe to withdraw money.

3. Use PayPal to Purchase Bitcoin on Binance

For more seasoned traders looking to purchase cryptocurrency with PayPal, Binance is a well-liked option. Binance is a wonderful place to start building a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio that includes new and obscure coins because it offers over 600 other cryptocurrencies.

How to Purchase Bitcoin on Binance Using PayPal

Make a free account first

At the top of the webpage, click the “Register” button. You can register with Apple or Google, or you can choose “Sign up with phone or email” and then choose your country, enter Provide either your email address or phone number, along with a password. Enter the verification code that has been sent to you. phone or email address.

Make a free account first on binance

2. Verify your identification 

Select Identification by hovering over your user icon in the top right corner. Select your nation after clicking “Verify” under Identity Verification. Enter your information and choose your ID type. After that, you’ll need to submit a snapshot of your ID or take a picture of it and let Binance access your webcam so it may use facial recognition to verify your identity.

2. Verify your identification on binanc

3. Add PayPal as a P2P payment method

Go to your dashboard and click the left-hand Payment tab. Click “Add a payment method” and then “More” to locate and pick PayPal. Enter your PayPal account details and verify them using a verification code.

3. Add PayPal as a P2P payment method on binance

4. Purchase Bitcoin with Binance P2P

Navigate to Binance P2P’s Buy Crypto or Trade section. Don’t forget to choose “Buy”, “BTC”, and your country’s fiat money. PayPal is an option, and you have the option to filter by area and amount. To make a payment through PayPal, click “Buy BTC” next to the advertisement you want to purchase, enter the desired quantity, and then follow the on-screen directions.

4. Purchase Bitcoin with Binance P2P on binance

Binance: Why Use It?

One of the greatest sites to use is Binance if you want to purchase both Bitcoin and new, unusual coins. Everything a seasoned trader requires is also provided by the sophisticated tools, indicators, and derivatives.

The advantage of utilising Binance P2P to buy Bitcoin with PayPal is that there are no additional costs once you select an offer with a rate of exchange you are comfortable with.

When interacting directly with vendors using Binance P2P, users must be cautious of potential scams. However, until you receive your Bitcoin, keep your money in escrow where it will be handled securely. Users with less skill can also switch to the Express tab for a streamlined P2P Bitcoin trading process.

After purchasing Bitcoin on Binance, you can utilise Binance Earn to earn income on it by using a savings account, liquidity farming, or DeFi staking.

4. Use PayPal to Purchase Bitcoin on Paxful

Paxful is the best website for buying Bitcoin anonymously with PayPal if you want to buy it without a bank account or ID. A platform run by the people, Paxful seeks to give everyone access to the global economy on an equal basis.

How to Purchase Bitcoin on Paxful Using PayPal

Make a free account first

Select your preferred method of contact by clicking the “Register” button at the top of the page. Click “Create Account” after choosing a secure, one-time password.

Make a free account first on paxful

2. Verify your account

You must enter the verification codes you get via email and SMS to confirm your email address and phone number. To utilise all of Paxful’s capabilities, you might need to verify your identity depending on where you live, however you can buy Bitcoin using PayPal from some vendors right away without going through KYC.

Verify your account second on paxful

3. Select a supplier

Choose “Buy Bitcoin” by clicking “Buy”. By choosing PayPal from the “Pay via” filter on the left, you can locate merchants who accept the payment method. Click the Buy button after selecting your desired dealer.

3. Select a supplier on paxful

4. Buy Bitcoin

Enter your desired purchase amount for Bitcoin in either BTC or your native currency. To transmit the agreed-upon sum to the vendor via PayPal, click the “Buy now” button and adhere to the directions on the next page. When finished, click “Paid” to finish receiving your Bitcoin.

4. Buy Bitcoin on paxful

Paxful: Why Use It?

While many people are shut out of the conventional banking system, Paxful offers a platform where anyone can trade cryptocurrency using over 350 different payment methods, including PayPal. Without a bank account or ID, you can even purchase Bitcoin in an anonymous manner.

With millions of users and billions of dollars in global volume, Paxful always has a high level of liquidity. On the platform, a large selection of vendors offering various exchange rates and restrictions are available. 

You don’t pay any fees when you buy Bitcoin with Paxful, but the seller may opt to mark up the conversion rate based on your level of verification, your payment method, your local currency, and the quantity of your order.

As with all P2P trading, you should be wary of people who have bad intentions, but as long as you follow the guidelines and limit your trades to Paxful, escrow will protect your money.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Crypto Using PayPal

The benefits

  • Speed: One of the quickest payment methods is PayPal, which enables you to start trading with your funds right away.
  • Convenience: Since PayPal already has your credit card or bank information, all you need to do to complete the purchase is enter your PayPal password.
  • Some cryptocurrencies can be bought directly; you can quickly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash on PayPal.
  • Usefulness: PayPal is an extremely user-friendly tool that streamlines the procedure.

The drawbacks

  • Lack of acceptance: Few crypto platforms, particularly those outside the US, allow PayPal as a mode of payment.
  • Transaction cap: Users who don’t have verified accounts are only able to send one-time payments of up to $4,000, whereas verified users may send up to $10,000 in a single transaction.
  • No protection: The PayPal Buyer Protection Program probably does not apply to cryptocurrencies.


Can You Buy Bitcoin Anonymously With PayPal?

Yes. On select P2P sites like Paxful, it is still possible to purchase Bitcoin anonymously even though the majority of cryptocurrency services now demand identity verification.

Can You Easily Purchase Bitcoin Through a Broker Using PayPal?

Yes. It is simple and quick to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal for trading purposes on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Can PayPal users send bitcoin to one another?

Yes. You can transmit Bitcoin to other PayPal users for free if it is stored on PayPal.

Which cryptocurrency wallets support PayPal?

Web wallets for storing cryptocurrency are offered by eToro, Coinbase, and Binance, and all three of them accept PayPal as a form of payment.

In the US, which coins does PayPal support?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,
Cash Bitcoin

Does a Bitcoin Wallet for PayPal?

PayPal does not have a wallet and does not incorporate Bitcoin.