Lazar Nikolić

Lazar is a passionate writer with a focus on the exciting world of crypto and blockchain technology. Motivated by the ever-evolving nature of these industries, he made a career transition to dive into a space that encourages continuous learning. With an insatiable curiosity, Lazar loves to delve deep into research, exploring the latest trends, innovations, and potential impacts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on various sectors.

With a genuine passion for the subject matter, Lazar crafts informative and engaging content that brings the complexities of crypto and blockchain to a wider audience. Through his work, he aims to educate, inspire, and spark conversations that propel these groundbreaking technologies forward.
When Lazar is not immersed in the world of crypto, you can find him pursuing his hobbies in free time. With an adventurous spirit, he enjoys exploring the depths of the ocean, and all the wonders beneath the surface. And in the winter days, Lazar takes joy in skiing down mountains, fully embracing the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Branislav Gajić

Salesman by profession, and a passionate crypto enthusiast. Involved in IT jobs almost entire life. In 2015. got interested in blockchain technology, especially crypto mining, and from then until now became a real crypto advocate. These days trying to bring more people to crypto space, aside from trading regularly, investing, maintaining several crypto rigs, and owning one. A real believer in the “Crypto is changing our future” agenda.

Antonio Tota

Economist, MBA in Corporate Finance, M.Sc. in Energy, PhD in Computational Modeling and Certified Stock Market Analyst. Working for 14y in the Energy Sector with regulatory and economic affairs. Also teaching regular financial and economic related courses in universities.

In Echo Chamber, provides market research and analysis, with special focus on stocks and other commodities.